Beckery Island Regeneration Trust

The Beckery Island Regeneration Trust (BIRT) was founded to promote regeneration of Glastonbury’s economic base through restoration of its architectural heritage.  The Trust’s strategy to achieve this aim is based on the preservation of traditional work space for community benefit.



Glastonbury has been an unemployment black spot since the closure of the Morland’s and Baily’s tanneries and factories in the 1980s.  Since that time, many schemes have been proposed for the use of the factory site, the greatest derelict industrial site in the county, but none has come to fruition.  In the past the brownfield site benefited from major infrastructure development by the South West Regional Development Agency. 

By the millennium Glastonbury’s derelict industrial site had become the worst eyesore in Somerset and no realistic solution for its regeneration had been proposed.  In the summer of 2000 Glastonbury Town Council began to take a more vigorous interest in the problem.  Their initial action was to invite anyone from the town to attend the first meeting of the Morland Committee in the Town Hall to discuss the best approach to the regeneration of the site.  By the second meeting, the Committee had formulated four basic guiding principals for the development of the Morland site: 

  • Employment: Before the factory closed it employed some 2000 people. The aim should be to provide at least 1000 jobs of all different types.
  • Best Practice: The site should be a flagship for the county, demonstrating best practice in design and activity
  • Sustainability: Projects and businesses should be self supporting and non-polluting. Local businesses, suppliers and employees should take priority. Energy should be produced on site using renewable sources. Contamination should be dealt with on site.
  • Integration: Activities on the site should compliment, not conflict with, activities in the town or surrounding area. The site should tie in with and enhance the public transport links already in operation.

Members of the Morland’s Committee served on a variety of SWRDA focus groups, meeting once a month to discuss various aspects of the new development.  Other members successfully petitioned English Heritage to list the Victorian Baily’s factories, in the process gaining the active support of the Prince’s Trust for Regeneration Through Heritage.  Under their guidance, the Beckery Island Regeneration Trust (BIRT) was formed in 2005 as a not-for-profit company with a charitable branch.

Following the dissolution of SWRDA the site was bought by Cubex who sold off the lots to commercial enterprises.  BIRT acquired the Baily’s Factory buildings at this time.

Mission Statement

Beckery Island Regeneration Trust is a charitable organization dedicated to the renovation of historic commercial buildings for use as new employment opportunities for the benefit of the local economy of Glastonbury and Street and for general heritage learning and enjoyment.


The Beckery Island Regeneration Trust look forward to a vibrant, sustainable economy in Glastonbury based upon a wide range of jobs – skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled – offered by business of various types – traditional and innovatory; small and large; manufacturing and service-based – housed in historic buildings in communal ownership run for the benefit of the local community.  Training and learning should be viewed as integral elements in establishing the vitality of the economy.

Directors and Trustees

Melissa Taylor

Director and Trustee

Chris Allen

Vice Chair – Director and Trustee

Julian Leney

Director and Trustee

Jane Czornij

Company Secretary

Paul Manning

Director and Trustee

Cllr Steve Henderson

Director and Trustee

Gerard Tucker

Director and Trustee

Cllr Ian Tucker

Chairman – Director and Trustee

John Keery

Director and Trustee


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